Help us support the Greater Park Hill Community to end child hunger

In Colorado, nearly 60% of public school children who participate in their school lunch program receive their meals for free or at a reduced price.  (Hunger Free Colorado). In Denver Public Schools that number is 70%.   According to Hunger Free Colorado, a school in which 40% or more of the children receive free and reduced price lunches as in severe need.   In the Greater Park Hill area schools and facilities we serve, approximately 90% of the students participate in the free and reduced lunch program.  These numbers are appalling; food is a basic human need and our children’s future is dependent on sound nutrition which enables them to take advantage of their education. To help address childhood food insecurity in Greater Park Hill, the Greater Park Hill Community (GPHC) has been providing three hundred children, ages three to sixteen, with weekend food bags. Each bag consists of two breakfasts, two lunches, two snacks, and a fruit and a vegetable, aiming to provide at least the equivalent nutritional support daily for these children as they would get on the week days.

Please join us in our efforts to ensure that no child in our neighborhood has to worry about food insecurity.  Our goal, as a friend of the Greater Park Hill Community, is to raise more than the minimum amount ($20,000) so GPHC can add the expanding student admission numbers to the program.

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