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Payroll ManagementEmployee Management & HR ImplementationRegulatory Compliance

Payroll Management

Our processes and procedures are proven to be accurate and dependable

Employee Management & HR Implementation

Full service human resource and support services to ensure compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance audits & scores

Witlon is an administrative services company with a focus on providing the back office fundamentals with a turnkey solution for the legal cannabis industry through payroll administration, banking solutions, employee benefit management, and compliance assessment.

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Payroll Management & Accounting Services

For most businesses, payroll processing is a non-core function, which means it is not a profit center and customers aren’t charged for the service. Yet payroll is an essential part of running your business, but Managing payroll can be time consuming and complicated. Technology and expertise is often costly and difficult to manage. Why not outsource […]

Regulatory Compliance

An operational license is the privilege to sell, cultivate or manufacture marijuana. Don’t risk your business and revenue with poor compliance. We are proud to be a re-seller partner of Adherence Compliance, providing the most thorough regulatory compliance audits and scores in the cannabis industry. Compliance Made Simple An increasing number of businesses and agencies […]

Employee Management and HR Implementation

In today’s business environment regulatory compliance, technology, efficiency, and capital resources dictate that businesses must be on top of their game. One method of tackling all these challenges is with an experienced outsourced partner. Business executives are recognizing the advantages to outsourcing, with HR increasingly becoming one of the most outsourced business functions. Companies are […]

Hemp Reseller and R&D Services

Witlon provides brokerage and reseller services to the hemp industry via its subsidiary company, WASO LLC. Wholesale Hemp Flower Hemp Oil hemp CBD Isolate Hemp Seeds Hemp Pellets Hemp Hurds Hemp Clones Licensed and Farm Bill Compliant Farm Management and Consulting Contact us to learn more about our services and product pricing.